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ENRICO TOMMASO DE PARIS was born 1960 in Mel – Belluno. Today he lives and works in Turin, Italy. From the beginning, in the early nineties, the works of Enrico T. De Paris, a multimedia artist, are created in the most diverse expressive languages, ranging from painting to installation, from video to digital images, to create his personal interpretation of the world: everything is immersed by a whirl of lights and sound, glass, plastic and steel to evoke the disorder built in function of a deeper message in search of a new dimension. Mindful of people’s rights and their dreams, of the future of all humanity, De Paris depicts a near world contaminated by bio-technologies and by the power of chemical-pharmaceutical and agro-food multinationals, and offers metaphors as a descriptive conceptual model and premonitory. The installations, in many cases site-specific, transform the space in which they are displayed into a place of reflection on the contemporary state: a glimpse into the future leads him to create installations without center, projected into our eyes and successively into our minds, to build uncertain and evolving dimensions.

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