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PIERLUIGI PUSOLE was born in 1963 in Turin, Italy, where he still lives and works today. Pusole firmly believes (and often in his performances he plays the role) that “The Artist Is God”. Landscapes, geometry and colors bend to the desire of the artist/god. The dawn of time or The Armageddon of life on Earth are his main subjects.


“Io Sono Dio” (I am God)

“My images are unnatural; indeed, they are a challenge against nature. When I write "I am god" this is exactly what I mean: I want to challenge nature, this is the purpose of my scientific research. When I paint, I am no longer in nature, I compare myself
with nature from the outside, recreating it. My paintings are a kind of genetic engineering experiment. These latest works of mine are totally autonomous. I think they are my best works because they come from studies of mathematics and philosophy
and not from artistic relationships that I have had in the past. I haven't even looked at catalogs or art magazines for months,
and instead I read scientific essays. That's why I say - defiantly - that I am a scientist - god.”


-Answers from the interview by Pierluigi Pusole. Io sono Dio. by Massimiliano Gioni, WWW TRAX. 2018.

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