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Philippe Badert 2 (BEL).jpg

PHILIPPE BADERT. “As an artist, I am fascinated by the way social media and new technologies influence our image of the world and of ourselves. In my paintings, I explore the dehumanization of propaganda, illusion of freedom, the reality of censorship but also the perfection we often see in influencers on Instagram and other platforms. Through suggestive figuration and soft colours, clean lines and stylised shapes, I try to capture the superficiality of this online world. My work depicts a world of smooth surfaces and false promises, where we constantly compare ourselves to others and try to hide our own imperfections. Behind these seemingly perfect lives often lies a sense of emptiness, loneliness and emotional baggage. My paintings show how this illusion keeps us from finding real connection and meaning in life. With my work, I want to take a critical look at the culture of perfection that social media feeds and encourages us to live a life that is not real, this without judgement. I hope my paintings encourage us to question what is really important in life and remind us of the value of real connection and authenticity.”

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