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Federico Caputo (ITA).JPG

FEDERICO CAPUTO. A conceptual brick wall stands between Oldenburg’s hamburgers and slices of pie from the early 60’s and
Federico’s sewn and stuffed fruits and vegetables. Claes Oldenburg meant to bridge the gap between reality and art when he opened The Store -a shop-full of sculptural and painterly objects- in Manhattan in 1961. Today, Caputo is set out to substitute reality with art. Houseplants, cactus, palm trees, stacks of fashion magazines, boxed grocery goods, TV reality-show heroes, national flags and ethnic carpets….all loosely sewn and stuffed with fluff. Bright color fabric samples bought at a bargain. His installations replace the most un-likely-to-be-considered-artistic objects with a “more or less the same” attitude. Nobody is fooled by trompe-l'œil realism or awed by virtuoso sewmanship. Federico’s fruit merely exists along-side reality, filling in the empty spaces…making it brighter, softer, and playful.

- Kspaces Torino Archive.

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