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ELKE WARTH was born in Pforzheim (Germany) in 1964. Having finished her studies (from 1982-1989) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under prof. Max G. Kaminski. She then moved to Turin in 1991 after receiving The Baden-Württemberg scholarship for a one-year stay in Italy. She has lived and works in Turin ever since. Elke Warth has worked and continues to work with various galleries in Italy (Carbone, Weber, Es, Allegretti, Paludetto, KSpaces) and is represented in various private and municipal collections (Fondazione Fratelli Borroni) among others. The atmosphere created by her artwork can only be described by the German word “Ahnung”. Intuition and presentiment always oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness. A restless intuition which is also a premonition of a bitter epilogue. Dreams that one can already sense the inevitable dissolution. The emptiness that neither decorum nor beauty can remove. The adolescents often depicted seem to walk this fine line between the childhood of illusion and the adulthood of disillusionment while the soul undertakes a painful journey between an age that is being abandoned and an age that has not yet been reached.

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