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GARRETT SPEIRS is a native southern Californian painter, ceramist, printmaker and art professor. Over a thirty-year career, Garrett Speirs has developed a keen sensitivity to the climate and landscape. His landscapes and seascapes, whether painted en plein air or not, capture the delicate color schemes characteristic of Southern California. He is equally well known as an accomplished stone lithographer, as he operates in his studio Santa Ynez, a printing studio with more than 55 rare litho-limestones. His artwork is found in the prestigious collections (Westmont Museum of Art in Montecito, California; Belaggio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada; Shutters collection in Santa Monica, California) and his artwork has been shown in numerous single and group exhibits in the United States of America and now in Europe. Garrett Speirs’ extensive academic background has taken him through many schools across America (University of Utah, Bachelor of Fine Arts) and Georgia (Master of Fine Arts); Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan; and the affiliated University of Georgia Faculty in Fine Arts in Cortona, Italy where he was a professor. Speirs also leads a twice-yearly painting expedition of aficionado student painters into Tuscany, Italy where he has spent much time to develop his En Plein Air techniques.

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