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PAOLO CASSARA’ lives and works in Milan, Italy, where he began his artistic activity. “In the early nineties in Italy, I began to work with a technique that until recently was considered obsolete: polychrome terracotta. The technique has been increasingly re-evaluated in recent years, also due to the particular attention to eco-sustainability issues. With the use of materials with low environmental impact, completely recyclable such as clay, which already exists formed in natural sediments, it is possible to give way to the development of eco-sustainable artistic-sculptural creativity.”


“In my works I describe, almost as if it were anthropological research and with particular attention to detail, the "human race", with an eye on the world of youth: subjects from the nineties to today, in their facets, in their character, in their trends, in their fashions and in their outlook on the world.” He first exhibited in a group show in 1992, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, entitled Imprimatur in Milan. He has been exhibiting solo since 1993, when he had his first solo show in Turin, Italy, at the Guido Carbone Gallery, followed by exhibitions in Europe and the USA (Speedway Gallery, 1994, Boston (USA); Ruggerini & Zonca Gallery, 1995, Milan, etc.).

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